Thermal Imaging Technology

Today's home buyers are looking for ways to be as informed as possible about their home purchases. Because of this, we continuously invest in the latest training and technology to exceed the demands of our inquisitive clients.

One of these advancements to our company has been acquiring a state-of-the-art, high resolution FLIR Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera and mastering its use for home inspections. Thermography does not put out any kind of radiation and cannot see "through" walls. Instead, it displays the light spectrum beyond what the naked eye can see. This light shows up brighter where there is more heat and darker where there is less heat. This is especially useful for detecting areas with a high heat contrast that may indicate a problem during the home inspection. Dangerous electrical issues can be located by heat, hidden leaks can be detected by cold and energy loss or missing insulation can now also be pinpointed. These are all areas that can be easily overlooked without a good IR camera.



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