11 Month Warranty

Many builders offer a one year warranty with your new home. Once this year is up, if any issues are uncovered, you are on your own. If you discover any problems before then you can ask the builder to fix the problems- usually free of charge to you. This can not only give you the ability to have problems fixed, but we will also teach you about the best maintenance practices to keep your home in like-new condition for years to come.

The Inspection Process

Your home inspection will be a non-invasive, visual inspection designed to reveal the condition of all readily accessible areas of the home at the time of the inspection.  Our main goal is to uncover any major issues that may be able to be addressed by the builder's warranty.  You are encouraged to follow along the inspection process and ask questions as we go.


Upon arrival, we will set up and start inspecting the exterior of the home, then work our way inside to the living space, head to the attic and finish at the crawlspace.  We will be using many tools and techniques along the way to test the home's different systems (heating, plumbing, structural, electrical, etc.)  We will be taking pictures of any areas that require special attention. This process usually takes between 2-4 hours depending on the home's size & condition.


Once we are finished with the inspection portion we will then gather all of the information and start building your report.  After this is complete we are ready to go over the findings with you.  We will show you what we found, where we found it and make suggestions on what you can do about it.  You are encouraged to ask questions as we go through the summary together.


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