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Whether you are considering a brand new home construction or a 100 year old home, getting a professional home inspector's perspective is always a smart investment. This service is designed to protect your family's safety and give you knowledge about hidden repairs or costs. The Buyer's Pre-Purchase inspection should be an integral part of every home buyer's transaction.


The Inspection Process

Your home inspection will be a non-invasive, visual inspection designed to reveal the condition of all readily accessible areas of the home at the time of the inspection. Our goal is to uncover any major issues that may cause significant expense or heartache for our clients.


Upon arrival, we will begin inspecting the exterior of the home, then work our way inside to the living space, head to the attic and finish at the crawlspace. We use several tools and techniques along the way to test your home's different systems (heating, plumbing, structural, electrical, etc.) We also take pictures of any areas that require special attention and include these issues in the report. This process usually takes between 3-4 hours depending on the home's size and condition.

Home-guided Tour Included

Once we finish with the inspection we will then gather all of the information and start building your report. After this, we will review the findings with you and your agent, showing you what we found, where we found it and give suggestions on what you can do about it. You are encouraged to ask questions as we go through the summary together.


Our Thermal Imaging Infrared scan is included with every home inspections.


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