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PDA Report
John Homebuyer
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Safety Items:
  1. Trip hazards in driveway at North side of home
  2. Recommend working smoke detectors (and/or batteries)
  3. Always use proper lamps in in canned light fixtures (or CFLs)
  4. Recommend covers on all bare bulb fixtures
Summary Items:
  1. Bath fan venting in to attic
  2. Recommend carbon monoxide detectors on all floors and 10' from every bedroom
  3. Recommend a UL listed auto closing fire door from garage to house
  4. Legend improvements needed on electrical panel
  5. Recommend chemical treatment to retard moss growth on roof
  6. Keep pilot light lit on fireplace in the fall - it will be your heat source in the event of a power outage
  7. Sweep chimneys prior to first use
  8. Recommend a tray and alarm under water heater

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